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Welcome to medbo

  • Who we are:
    around experts from 60 different countries.
  • What joins us together:
    We are fascinated by the human brain.
  • Our specialities
    Psychiatry & psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry & psychotherapy as well as neurology, including neurological rehabilitation. Neuroradiology and special expertise in the field of enforcement are also included.
  • We can be found at: 
    Amberg, Cham, Parsberg, Regensburg, Roding , Weiden, Wöllershof, Wörth a.d. Donau
  • The facilities we offer: 
    clinics, centers, nursing homes, medical care centers, our own Institute for Education and Personnel Development (IBP) and the medbo nursing schools. Each of the aforementioned accounts for making medbo one of the largest healthcare providers in the region.

Apply & begin now

We meet people from all over the world on a daily basis. Because of that fact, we consider tolerance of particular importance. In addition we provide access and information to widen one's occupational possibilities in Germany.  
medbo welcomes colleagues from all around the world. And we hope you can find a home in Oberpfalz.

What we offer: 

Nursing education
(includes nursing assistants as well as nurses.)

Jobs within the field of nursing
(we can assist in the recognition process of your degree)

Jobs as medical doctors
(including interns and specialists) 

Competence center for language and integration (KoSI)

The center for language and integration (KoSI) assists newcomers in Germany working at Medbo, providing valuable information and support. 

Support and Advice: 

  • Online learning platform
  • Occupational recognition
  • Language improvement
  • Occupational and everyday questions


We are pleased to hear from you

Applicant Management

Julia Höcherl

Fon: +49 (0)941/941-5819

Nursing Training

Georg Högerl

Fon: +49 (0)941/941-1654

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